Our strength… the assortment

More than 15,000 rolls, and 300,000 meters of fabrics of every type are in our warehouse.
It is here that we host more than 100 unique and innovative collections, made with different materials, colors, finishes, decorations.
In a special department, the dedicated staff cuts fabrics with great accurancy before moving to the bending operation, carried out with great precision before arriving at the final stage: the packaging.

Many items, all ready for delivery

Thanks to the timely and consistent automated replenishment of stocks, Gamma is able to satisfy, in a short time, any customer request and provide a service for immediate delivery.
Customers can order the products they want at any time, receiving the goods the next day:
Gamma will think to fulfill every request so agile and dynamic. The complex and detailed structure of automated services, with the courtesy and the staff allows Gamma to achieve the goal of a comprehensive business service.

Zero mistakes, maximum satisfaction

Gamma constantly invests in the optimization of the individual steps and the reduction of delivery times, in the belief that time has for all invaluable.
Driven by this motivation, it is committed to reduce to zero the margin of error on orders.
To achieve this, each employee was provided with a handheld barcode , allowing them to check the status of orders effectively.
In this way the whole process is managed in real time by a computer monitoring system.