The sewing department, an italian tradition from 1992

The sewing department produces high quality craftsmanship on all kinds of fabrics and curtains.
The technical ability and creativity characterize the work of our skilful seamstresses : the result is a final product of great value, the result of many hours of work, carried out with patience, dedication and professionalism.


Technology and craftsmanship

In our 1000 square meters , the efficiency of the technology is combined with the ancient wisdom of craftsmanship.
The seamstresses use equipment such as treadmills and blind stitch machine for application of a sliding hook.
Operations such the tracking and the finishing of the cut can be performed manually or automatically with double-head machines with puller.
The next activities for the creation of the finished product, such the drapes, gathers or packages, represent variables additional processing according to customer requirements.
The last step is ironing the curtain, made with irons on suction table.

High quality fabrics and workmanship

The technical ability, creativity and quality of materials characterize the tailoring job.
In this department we use a particular attention in the choice of forms, materials and techniques used in the application.
Is also important to evaluate the characteristics of the pieces designed for cutting to choose the most suitable for quality, freedom from defects and decorative features.
The control of orders with barcode also allows the monitoring of the processing steps and the optimization of activities.
Customers are alerted with a text message at the time when the finished product has reached the final stage of the process and is ready for shipment.


  • Maximum product customization
  • Attention to details
  • Tailored management of processes
  • Experience in working with delicate and fine fabrics
  • Packaging and delivery as a pret-a-porter